Monday, 17 February 2014

Ed backs Camden's 200% levy on long-term furnished empty homes

Welcome news from Ed Miliband that councils like Camden could be allowed to double the amount of extra Council Tax on empty properties, aimed at 'buy-to-leave' investors.  Camden Labour has been leading the way arguing for this for while now because we've seen the success of lifting the levy to 150% - long term empty furnished homes are down by 40% in just a a year.

Ed argues in the Evening Standard that Labour "will give councils proper powers to tackle “buy-to-leave”. We will consult on allowing councils to double the amount of additional council tax they can charge on empty properties, and close loopholes which mean homes are not considered empty if they are furnished with just a single table and chair."

Our approach is popular and brings more fairness to the overheated housing market and the outdated Council Tax system.  It has even been backed by the Mayor of London - but noticeably not by the Camden Conservatives.

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