Sunday, 27 October 2013

The kinds of stuff councils do when there are storms

Here's a briefing councillors in Camden got in the run-up to the storms, outlining the actions various arms of  the council are taking to minimise any potential disruption to the borough.
  • Engineering Services have been clearing drains and gullies in areas prone to surface water flooding.  This includes having the contractors on standby to respond Sunday night and Monday. (For example work is currently ongoing on streets in Gospel Oak ward by the River Fleet).  
  • Environment Service have been liaising with Veolia to ensure additional resources are available to clear leaves and debris over the weekend and also Monday afternoon to assist with any subsequent clear-up.
  • Parks and Open Space have briefed the tree surgeon contractors and confirmed they will be on standby in case of any issues.
  • Economic Development have facilitated messages to key contractors working on independent building sites on the borough to make sure they are aware and taking necessary actions.
  • Housing Repairs and Improvements are asking all scaffolding contractors to make sure all building sites are locked down to prevent flying debris.
  • Adult Social Care have facilitated contact with all service providers to raise awareness and ensure they are prepared.
More info and advice can be found here.

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