Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Camden council passes Zero Hours motion

Zero hours motion passed by Camden's Full Council last night:  (Labour: For; Lib Dems For; Conservatives Abstained).

This Council recognises that: 
Zero hours contracts cause great uncertainty and instability in many employees’ lives – the practice of having employees turn up to work with no guaranteed hours, pay or employment rights is reminiscent of Victorian times, and must end; 
Camden strives to be an excellent employer and has been accredited by the Living Wage Foundation;
Camden Council’s diverse workforce has many needs including being able to work flexibly without using zero hours contracts – full time jobs are now advertised as suitable for flexible working; 
Where the Council uses sessional work, hours and length of contract are agreed upfront and in full discussion with staff with all other contractual rights retained; 
The use of zero-hours contracts in the adult social care sector means the Council must continue to work with other London councils to stamp out this practice and put pressure on Government to outlaw their use. 
Camden Council calls on the government to ban their use in the care industry and conduct an immediate review of their use elsewhere; 
And will take a lead in working with other London Boroughs to try stamp out their use in Local Government contracts.

Camden has also launched a petition calling for national reform on this - please sign here.

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