Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Skype surgeries

Residents need all sorts of ways to contact their local representatives.

When I started as a new councillor in 2002, most of our constituency work was expected to be accomplished by regular surgeries.

These are invaluable for people who don't use the internet and should always be part of a councillor's armoury - but the vast majority of concerns are now sent through to me via email.

Many councillors use twitter, and simple and easy way to highlight issues - especially to post a photo about street cleaning issues or sending a link to an issue.

Emails can be impersonal - we still need face-to-face - so after reading this post about local councillors setting up Skype surgeries I've decided to do the same on an ad hoc basis or Sundays between 6pm-7pm.

How to:  Contact me via email theo.blackwell@camden.gov.uk to set an online meet up or Skype me on the hours above.

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