Monday, 8 July 2013

Vote for Theo

There are exciting elections to get a London representative on the Association of Labour Councillors executive - to shape our views to the national party.

I am one of the approved candidates, and would very much appreciate your vote as voting starts today and goes on for the rest of the month! (you need your special passcode sent to your membership email address)

Here's my pitch:

I’m a passionate believer in the redistribution of power away from Whitehall and back to local communities.  In a country with an unwritten constitution, local democracy is a vital part of our checks and balances - yet since 2010 the Conservatives further eroded this through front-loaded cuts and even more central control over local budgets.

People trust public services more when accountable to their community, so it is vital that the next Labour manifesto repatriate powers and money from Whitehall to our Town Halls.

I am Cabinet member for Finance in Camden, and a councillor for 11 years.  Local government is where we come up with solutions:  I have developed a capital programme of council house building (1100 homes) and school repairs; campaigned on the impacts of the Cap and Bedroom Tax; and tackled digital exclusion and access to hi-tech jobs. These would be my priority areas if elected.   

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