Tuesday, 23 July 2013

More councils follow Camden's lead banning payday adverts from public networks

Plymouth council is the latest in a line of councils to follow the lead taken by Haringey, Camden and Chester in barring payday lenders from websites, and taking the extra step in also banning them from billboards and bus-shelters.

Under Camden's plans access to the websites of payday loan companies have been blocked on all council-run IT (public and corporate) networks in the borough.

In addition to barring pay day sites from public computers in libraries and council buildings, the Town Hall has been able to go one step further and extend the initiative across its recently launched free Wi-Fi network available to residents on their mobiles and laptops.

Camden's blocked a blacklist of the top payday websites.  Also included the following websites that are new big players in the given sphere: e.g. www.mrlender.com www.moolauk.com www.beeloans.co.uk

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