Thursday, 11 July 2013

Camden to becomes first council in England to introduce Computer Programming Clubs in Primary Schools

From September, Camden plans to introduce computer programming after school clubs in all of the 41 maintained primary schools in its borough, the first initiative of its kind in London.

See Camden on BBC News here.

Working in partnership with Code Club - a not for profit organisation responsible for establishing a national network of 900 volunteer-led, after-school coding clubs - Camden Council aims to give the children in the borough an early opportunity to develop the creativity and skills necessary to succeed at school and in the future jobs market.

Other organisations involved in the partnership are Google and UCL (University College London) who will be providing volunteers for the scheme. Expert developers from Google and students from UCL’s Faculty of Engineering Sciences will run the after-school coding clubs for the children.

The initiative provides a unique opportunity for pupils in Camden’s primary schools to learn to code from a global leader in the technology business and a world renowned higher education institution, and also allows their teachers to establish strong cross sector relationships and to harness the support of volunteers based in the local area.

Last year there were no pupils in Camden’s schools taking computing at A-level. As in other local authorities, pupils have been put off by a boring ICT curriculum and a failure to make coding relevant and exciting. Camden wants to lead the way in changing this, taking advantage of the new curriculum.

With a new curriculum coming in next year there is a new buzz from our fast-developing tech sector. Voluntary initiatives like Code Club will help embed the learning happening in our schools, allowing kids to code and create apps for themselves outside of the classroom and start a love of programming from an early age.

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