Tuesday, 21 May 2013

New council homes to be built in Gospel Oak

Gospel Oak councillors were at the 'Demolition Fun Day' at Bacton Low Rise on Saturday to kick off the regeneration of the area.
As part of Camden's Community Investment Programmeestate regeneration at Bacton Low Rise will be delivered in 3 phases providing a total of 290 high quality new homes - and the first new council homes to be built in Gospel Oak in a generation.

The regeneration is possible because the council is surrendering land previously occupied by the District Housing Office and some workshops to build homes.

Phase 1 begins with the demolition of the former GO District Housing Office and adjoining workshops in Vicars Rd. The demolition will take place over the summer with construction of Phase 1 new homes starting in Autumn 2013.

The residential development will contain a mix of 1 bedroom to 6 bedroom units, and will be a mix of market, social rented and intermediate (i.e. shared ownership) tenures.

Phase 1 will be the development of 63 residential units on the DHO site
Phase 2 will be development of 140 residential units on the southern part of the BLR site.
Phase 3 will the development of 87 residential units and 3 employment units on the northern part of the
BLR site.

Employment space expanded
The scheme will also provide three new high quality ground floor commercial units providing 260m2 floor space.   As part of the wider regeneration benefit to be delivered by the Bacton Low Rise project the Burmarsh workshops in Marsden Road which have been out of commission for many years are being refurbished - a total of 1300m2 13 workshop units are being brought back into use.

The new build and refurbished workshops will provide 1,500m2 of employment space, over 500m2 more than the workshops being demolished at Vicars Road (at the back of the DHO).  The existing businesses at Vicars Rd have been successfully relocated with assistance from the Council.

Full documents can be viewed here and other developments here.

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  1. Glad to see regeneration and not building on green field areas. Need more developments like this.

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