Monday, 25 March 2013

Camden Post Offices to be used for council services

To make sure no resident is left behind - Camden Council has unveiled proposals to team up with Post Offices across the borough to ensure people have a face-to-face service while others services are being digitised.

As part of Camden's drive to deliver services that are right first time, residents and businesses will be able to pay their bills at 17 neighbourhood Post Offices - so every resident will be no further than a mile from a payment point.

The services for making payments that will be improved include: council tax, parking, benefits, rents, business rates, leaseholder services and housing management.

The move will provide residents and businesses particularly the vulnerable and those from an ethnic minority have a greater choice of how they want to interact with the Council. It will also help people who currently have difficulty with accessing council services, such as vulnerable residents.

Digital improvements to Camden’s website will reduce the time taken to make an online payment and in total the improved customer access programme will save the Council £3.34 million per year - helping to deal with another £50m of government cuts over the next 3 years.

Camden Council is currently contacted through 1.48 million telephone calls and 220,000 visits in person, per year. Every time someone visits a council building it costs the council £13.86. A call costs £3.86 and a web transaction 32p.

The new services will allow more customers to access council services by their preferred method of contact. With more people going online as they prefer, telephone and face to face contact will be freed up for those that want and need it most, such as residents with complex needs.

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