Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Progress on regeneration in Gospel Oak - Sept 2012

Camden's rebuilding of our capital programme will reach every area in the borough - here's an update on the Community Investment Programme in Gospel Oak ward:

32 Lawn Road/Fleet Road
What: The Lawn road site includes a small, single storey community building, which accommodates the Fleet Community Centre run by the Queen’s Crescent Community Association. The greater part of the site is occupied by a two-storey building located behind the Fleet Road Community Centre, which comprises a car park on the ground floor; seven industrial units on the first floor and a disused open air play area at roof level.

Update:  In April 2012 the cabinet approved the proposal to dispose of 32 Lawn Road. It was agreed that one third of sale proceeds from the disposal of 32 Lawn Road will be used to fund regeneration initiatives in Gospel Oak. It is envisaged the property will be marketed around the end of the first quarter 2013. For further information visit the Camden Council website.

Kiln place estate
What: A meeting with the Kiln Place tenants and residents’ association reviewed a number of potential development sites on the periphery of the estate and identified those where residents agreed development would resolve problems on their estate in addition to providing new homes.

Update: Initial feasibility studies have shown there is a potential to build 17 new homes including the conversion of three block entrances into flats or maisonettes. Consultation with residents will continue as feasibility studies are expanded to produce design, development and procurement options.

Lamble Street and Mansfield Road
What: There are small sites at both ends of 17 -79 Mansfield Road and also at the end of Lamble Street.

Update: Feasibility studies for Mansfield Road and Lamble Street have been undertaken and consultation with residents is continuing. Detailed design is needed to take the proposals up to the planning application stage.

Bacton low rise
What: The condition of this estate is generally poor - the estate is repeatedly vandalised, the heating needs replacing, the windows are failing and leaking roofs and patios have caused severe damp problems in residents’ homes.

Update: The consultation on the proposed designs for Bacton Low Rise has included a number of community events and drop-in sessions to give local residents the chance to look at models and plans and have their say. This included a Development Forum, the feedback from which has given the Council’s Development Control service an early opportunity to understand the main issues which residents and other stakeholders feel should be explored as part of the planning application.  The architects are now preparing detailed designs for a planning application to be made in October subject to Cabinet approval in September.

Bacton Tower
What: This 22 storey block of 120 flats has a partial warm air heating system which is in need of renewal and large single glazed sliding doors leading onto private balconies, as a result residents’ homes are poorly heated and thermally inefficient.

Update: The cost of upgrading/renewing heating and replacing the balcony doors are under investigation, to indicate the level of funding to be raised from small sites sale or development. Further consultation with residents is to be undertaken. Next steps are subject to a stock condition survey and Better Homes programme setting.

Waxham and Ludham
What: These blocks need new heating, improved insulation, plumbing, new windows and lifts. Consultants have been commissioned to analyse the structure and concrete to determine the possibility of adding additional floors to the existing building.

Update: A broad options appraisal process to examine a range of options for Waxham and Ludham has been commissioned.

What: The estate needs plumbing, heating, waste stacks and underground sewerage pipes to be replaced. This disruptive work will be considered as part of the options to refurbish or redevelop the estate.

Update: A housing needs survey has been undertaken for the 230 residents on the estate. The aim of this was to show the extent of disrepair and identify residents’ initial views about the options for the refurbishment or redevelopment of their estate. Residents have been informed of the findings. Consultation is on-going with the residents.

16-39 Lamble Street and 1-12 Barrington Close
What: Residents have reported problems with the heating system, condensation, and concrete and roof defects, which are under investigation.

Update: The next stage is for initial technical studies to be commissioned and presented to residents and ward members for their consideration. Residents of Lamble Street, Barrington Close and Barrington Court have selected architects to undertake feasibility studies of the neighbouring small sites and are holding further meetings with the Council to discuss works needed to their estates. A brief for detailed design is needed to take these proposals up to planning application.

1-12 and 13- 62 Barrington Court
What: A housing needs survey was carried out and received a 65% response rate that revealed problems with windows, damp, lifts and anti-social behaviour by intruders. The residents’ responses were also evenly split between refurbishment and renewal of the estate.

Update: A brief for detailed design has been commissioned and is being undertaken by architects in order to prepare a business case and scheme design for a planning submission (subject to Cabinet approval).

St Dominic’s RC Primary School
What: Alterations and upgrading to the school building are being carried out to support the headteacher and governors in their improvement plan for the school.  The project is being managed by consultants appointed by the Diocese of Westminster on behalf of the school.  Works include improvements to classroom sizes and relative positions, re-provision of the nursery and co-location with reception in a foundation stage area and renewal of unsuitable and inadequate toilets.

Update: The first phase of work is planned to be carried out over this summer and will reconfigure the ground floor classrooms, offices and entrance area and include enabling works for the next phase.  The first phase works are designed to bring early benefits for the school and demonstrate that a planned whole-school improvement programme is underway.  The next phase of works will continue through to 2013 and include further remodelling to other areas and small extensions to the building.

Fleet Primary School
What: The school will receive CIP investment to carry out a number of essential works to the school.

Update: During 2012 we will be replacing all the windows and doing repairs around the window frames, replacing the boiler, insulating the school, renewing some doors and carrying out other repairs at the school. In addition we are rewiring the site services officer’s house and replacing the boiler.

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