Monday, 16 July 2012

Camden census data

The first data from the 2011 Census was published today by the Office for National Statistics, consisting of population and household estimates for Census Day 2011 (27 March) and census response rates, for local authorities in England and Wales.
The total usual resident population in Camden at Census Day 2011 was 220,300 persons.  This compares with the 198,020 population found in 2001 Census, suggesting that Camden has grown by some 22,300 persons, 11.3% over the decade.  The vast majority of the population, 212,400 persons (96.4%) live in households and 7,900 (3.6%) live in communal establishments like student halls, etc.

Total households (i.e. containing at least 1 person) at Census Day were 97,500, with a calculated average household size of 2.18 persons.
2011 Census response rates for Camden are 89% for households and 86% for individuals, a significant improvement (approx. +10%) on 2001 Census response, and compares to 94%/95% for England & Wales and 90%/92% averaged across London boroughs.
2011 Census estimate of the number of non-UK short-term residents in Camden of 5,000 people (resident between 3-12 months). This is the first time short-term residents has been counted.
Population density (population per hectare) is 101 persons per hectare. This places Camden as the 8th most densely populated London borough, after Islington (139), Kensington & Chelsea (131), Hackney (130), Tower Hamlets (129), Lambeth (113), Hammersmith & Fulham (112) and Westminster (102).
Comparisons with 2001-based rolled forward estimates and forecasts

The Census Day population estimate is
- 15,100 (6.4%) lower than ONS estimated for 2010 (2001 Census-based rolled forward mid-year estimates) – used in Performance Indicators and to compare with other local authorities.
- 9,200 (4.4%) higher than GLA forecasted for mid-2011 population – the figures used by Camden in our various strategies and for planning services.

The Census day household estimate is
- 8,700 (8.2%) lower than CLG projected in their 2008-based Household Projections (2011 estimated)
- 100 (0.1%) higher than GLA forecasted for mid-2011  – figures used by Camden in our various strategies and for planning services.
Full information about 2011 Census First Release on the ONS website 

Further information about subsequent data releases from ONS for the 2011 Census:

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