Thursday, 26 July 2012

Camden 2012 stats on people priced out of inner London by housing welfare changes

In April 2011, 3,384 households were claiming Local Housing Allowance in Camden. 

1,573 were above the new cap and, which - after lobbying of government from councils like Camden, was deferred for 9 months from anniversary of their claim. 

We now have the data of what happened to these households:

This means that in a short space of time, one-third.  33% are no longer claiming LHA in Camden. Their average reduction in LHA was £31/week. 

According to our estimates at the council, we think they could:
  • Have moved out of Camden (we do not know about LHA claims outside Camden)
  • Be meeting rent out of other income sources e.g. from employment
However, we also know that of the 1,104 no longer claiming LHA in Camden:
  • 49% were already workless
  • 36% are under 35
  • 19% have children
It is likely with these cohorts that, barring a swift change in fortune in an area with the 4th highest rents in the country and high ratio of claimants-to-job-vacancies, people have been priced out of Camden.

Not just that, but there has been churn inside of Camden for those continuing to claim LHA, with areas closer to the centre of London becoming more unaffordable for low income households - and a noticeable shift towards properties off the Kiburn High Road.

In other words, more 'doughnutting' at a more granular level. 

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