Sunday, 17 June 2012

Have your say on changes to council housing

A new public consultation on the future of council housing in our borough has been launched.  

Because of government changes prompted by the government’s Localism Act 2011, the council is required to consult on the end to tenancies-for-life in council housing.  

Obviously, if tenancies were to change to 5- year or 10- year terms this would fundamentally change the nature of council housing once and for all in Camden.  Fixed-term tenancies would uproot new families and also make estates less stable, with more households moving in and out.  Here is a Shelter briefing spelling out the potential changes councils could adopt, see also arguments from Defend Council Housing.

Camden is consulting because it has to ask local people about our policy.  This has caused some concern locally from those who want Camden's Labour administration to rule it out as an option outright.  While sympathetic to this view - it is an attack on traditional council housing - it is right that people are asked first, not least because a strong response defending tenancies-for-life helps to protect council housing. 

As a local Labour Party we stood for election to protect Camden's unique social mix - something that is increasingly under threat due to major government changes to housing benefit, council tax benefit changes and plans to reduce tenant security.  You only have to look next door to Westminster to see how families with long-standing connections to their area are being forced out.  

You don't have to be a tenant to respond.

Please support the retention of secure tenancies for all and support us keeping Camden somewhere where people of all backgrounds can live.  The consultation can be accessed here, with a Q+A.  It closes on 25th July.

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